Renta Corporación


Dear friends,

Since its creation in 1999, in the Fundación Renta Corporación we have sought to help the most disadvantaged people in our society.

We have six spheres of activity: Child and Women's welfare; Education, Nutrition and Water Programmes; Health; Housing, Sanitation and Infrastructures and Social Welfare. In these areas, we mainly provide financial support to the projects created and carried out by other foundations or non-profit organizations of proven solvency.

In the last 17 years, the Fundación Renta Corporación has contributed a total of €23,900,000 in more than 800 projects.

This year we are especially aware to the shocking images of people fleeing wars, trying to find the safety they do not have in their homes, far from their borders. Thus, we have collaborated with a number of entities such as PRO ACTIVA OPEN ARMS, UNHCR, SAVE THE CHILDREN… However, in our environment there are also people suffering, who live on the streets, who have no means to educate their children. That's why we have collaborated with CARITAS, RAVAL SOLIDARI, AMICS DE LA GENT GRAN and so many other associations working to combat these injustices.

We have also sought to help the aforementioned entities in the treatment of severe disease in children, such as the HOSPITAL SANT JOAN DE DEU of Barcelona, that in addition to helping to alleviate the suffering of children and their families, cooperates very actively in the investigation of new treatments to fight against childhood cancer. Or associations that help those affected by diseases such as Alzheimer's disease or Multiple Sclerosis. We have also supported innovative projects as MALARIASPOT, a video game to help the diagnosis of Malaria in remote areas of Africa, or RETISPOT, a retinography to help diagnose Diabetic Retinopathy also in areas of difficult access.

The real estate company RENTA CORPORACIÓN has been donating 2% of its annual net profit to the Fundación Renta Corporación since 2014. In addition, during 2016 the Foundation has started to possess a shareholding of 2% of the real estate firm, equivalent to 660,000 titles.

In our new website, you will be able to find out a little more about or work and, above all, the work of these entities.

We are confident that together we will all do our bit to alleviate the suffering of the most underprivileged groups.

Best regards,

Cristina Orpinell Kristjánsdóttir

President of Fundación Renta Corporación