Renta Corporación


Dear friends,

Like last year, I want to tell you about the work we have done and the projects we have supported in 2017. Let me start with a brief true story:

“Accompanied by their caregivers, Chahana and the other children from Dream Nepal, visit their mothers at the prison in Kathmandu every month. They stretch out their arms to touch their mother and find themselves getting an electric shock from the bars, which the guards use to ensure there is no physical contact between prisoners and relatives. Fortunately, thanks to Marina Portabella and her wonderful team of caregivers, the lives of these children, the children of prisoners in Nepal, are made a little easier and they are reminded of what it is to have a family. She raised the funds and built Mala Home, which is home to 17 of these children. A home where they are taught and receive affection from these "angels" that are the caregivers. Children who, until very recently, had grown up in prison and had never seen a tree or a flower”. 

Realities like this leave us shaken but they show us that there are some very generous people who dedicate their lives to helping others. DREAM NEPAL is one of the organizations which the Renta Corporación Foundation has helped this year and we feel privileged to have got to know it.

But there are many other projects that we are also proud of, such as the ACIDH project that helps people with intellectual disabilities; CARITAS projects; CODESPA projects in Morocco that support single mothers that society neglects and that nobody helps, and ASOCIACIÓN ALZHEIMER CATALUNYA which helps those suffering from this disease and their relatives in the Barcelona area.

Projects that inspire us, such as the one started 50 years ago by the ATENEU SANT ROC FOUNDATION to support the young people, the elderly and also the immigrant population of Badalona.

We are also proud to have supported the project SCHOLAS OCURRENTES, sponsored by His Holiness Pope Francisco, that teaches young people how to resolve their problems without resorting to violence and curb "bullying". 

Other examples include aid for the WORLD FOOD PROGRAM for SAVE THE CHILDREN, after the devastating earthquake in Mexico.

I would also like to highlight an exciting project by the linguist Luz Rello (ASHOKA fellow) and creator of CHANGEDYSLEXIA, a comprehensive programme of online dyslexia diagnosis, and of a set of exercises that significantly improve this condition, which we have also supported.

And speaking of ASHOKA, we have joined the ASHOKA SUPPORT NETWORK which promotes social entrepreneurship throughout the world.

Also, since last year, we are members of the BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE PRINCESA DE GIRONA FOUNDATION, which promotes entrepreneurship, fights against unemployment and rewards young talent. And this year we have supported IESE’s “Entrepreneurship Classroom" in Barcelona and the MACBA FOUNDATION which, among other actions, adapts the MACBA museum and its collections so that the visually impaired can enjoy these works, and so that young people with limited resources can also visit them.

We have also been moved by projects far from our borders like those of EMALAIKAT in Turkana, on the border of Tanzania and Kenya, which help so many people living in difficult conditions to move forward by building wells and dams to provide water in an area where it only rains, torrentially, 2 days a year. They also build nurseries, plant vegetable gardens and provide the population with medical support. The joy and dedication with which the missionaries of EMALAIKAT carry out their work every day touched our hearts. I encourage you to learn about their work.

Projects such as ADCAM, which help the Masai people with a secondary school and several handicraft projects to manufacture children's footwear for a Spanish brand.

We feel privileged to be able to help so many and such good causes.

From this year, in addition to receiving 2% of the net profit that the RENTA CORPORACIÓN real estate company gives us each quarter, the RENTA CORPORACIÓN FOUNDATION has become the owner of 3% of the real estate company’s shares.

In summary, during this past year, the RENTA CORPORACIÓN FOUNDATION has collaborated with almost 50 projects, contributing a total of €181,980.

I want to thank all the people who made it possible from the bottom of my heart.

My warmest regards and until next year!

Cristina Orpinell Kristjánsdóttir

President of Fundación Renta Corporación