Renta Corporación


Dear friends,

Many people would prefer to erase 2020 from both their diaries and their memory.

We thought we were not very vulnerable to the virus, but when it came, in February, it hit us really hard, especially those of us in more precarious circumstances or difficult situations.

It was a tough year for Fundación Renta. Just when we were receiving more and more requests for help, we were faced with a drop in volume of the Renta Corporación business (which allocates 2% of net profit for social projects), which significantly affected our income.

Yet despite everything, we managed to provide financial assistance to 66 projects from 66 different organizations, with grants amounting to €247,000. Many of them were impacted by Covid 19. Admirable projects, which brought out the best in people who strive to help mitigate totally unfair situations. Projects such as those of Fundació Nen Déu, Fundación Prójimo Próximo, Médicos sin Fronteras, Arrels, and the soup kitchens in our cities such as those of the Misioneras de la Caridad or Fesbal (Spanish federation of food banks), as well as projects devoted to the most disadvantaged groups, such as that of Fundació Roure.

This year, 34% of the aid was destined, under the circumstances, to social assistance, followed by healthcare and education. The latter were fully justified, given the impact that confinement has had on the learning pace of the most disadvantaged children, owing to the so-called “digital divide”.

During the summer, we had to slow down the pace of our contributions, and several projects were postponed, projects that we hope to be able to resume as soon as the situation improves. 

As a consequence of the health crisis, the board of directors of Renta Corporación agreed to make an extraordinary contribution of €105,000 to cover those needs which could not be postponed.

Yet in spite of everything, I would like to think that something positive has come from this situation. Many people have been reunited during confinement with their partners, with their family, with afternoons of games and evenings of movies. We have “learned” to meet up with friends through Zoom, to celebrate Christmas Eve by video conference, and to have virtual snacks with our grandparents, the worst affected by this crisis. Because this health crisis triggered many cases of dreadfully sad situations, with the loss of loved ones, or the loneliness into which our older people were plunged, especially those living in care homes and who have been deprived of visits from their families.

Nevertheless, we cannot deny the enormous leap forward we have made in favour of digitization, teleworking and bringing families together, which, although not an ideal situation in some sectors, has opened the eyes and minds of many people.

I do not want to end these lines without expressing my gratitude to all the people who have been at the forefront of this fight, the health workers (who have taken care of us with a titanic effort), and the scientists, who have brought us vaccines in record time. I hope that we can very soon all be vaccinated, and try to put this nightmare behind us. 

Our most affectionate support goes also to all those working in sectors severely affected by this crisis, such as those related to tourism, catering and retail.

And as always, my heartfelt thanks to the entire Renta Corporación team which has worked so hard at a very difficult time. It is thanks to their work that Fundación Renta can continue to do its job.

Happy 2021!

Cristina Orpinell Kristjánsdóttir

President of Fundación Renta Corporación