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Dear friends of Fundación Renta,

As we have been doing in recent years, I would like to take advantage of January to give you a summary of 2021 here at the Foundation. 2021 was difficult for all of us while we’ve been emerging from the pandemic, but as always, it has been much more difficult for the most disadvantaged.

As the Gates Foundation explains in its annual must-read Goalkeepers Report 2021, “the pandemic and resulting crises have set back the progress that has been made in eradicating poverty by four years”. Which is why it is imperative to continue working on a daily basis, supporting the organizations that are fighting to reverse this situation. Fundación Renta has collaborated with 54 projects this year, contributing €128,000. The bulk of these have been for “Social Assistance” projects.

I am proud to inform you that, of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations, Fundación Renta has had a direct impact on 15 of them. In addition, it has contributed to two environmental projects because, although they're not a direct part of this activity, everything is related, and the most disadvantaged people are always the ones most affected by climate change worldwide. That is why we felt it was important to take a first step in the fight for the environment and against global warming.

 This year, due to the fact that 2020 was a difficult year for the real estate company Renta Corporación, the amount of aid has been lower than in previous years. I would like to remind you that Renta Corporación donates 2% of its net profit to social projects through the Foundation.

The Foundation acts through two types of collaboration. On the one hand, it supports larger projects, or “agreements” as we call them, such as those we have with Ashoka. These help to support social entrepreneurship, the construction of the Cancer Center of Sant Joan de Déu or the Fundación Princesa de Girona (although this year our collaboration with this fantastic Foundation has come to an end after 5 years). On the other hand, it also supports many smaller, equally important projects, such as those that support the elderly and disadvantaged groups (Fundación Roure), the disabled (Nou Xamfrà, Fundació Nen Déu), student scholarships (Fundación Pineda, Amigos de Rimkieta) and single mothers (Hogar de María). The Foundation has also vaccinated children from the Mala Home in Kathmandu, in a beautiful project called “Dream Nepal” which rescues children living in prison with their mothers (who are serving sentences in Nepal), and which I have talked about on a previous occasion. I would also like to mention in this section the extraordinary work of the Fundación Elena Barraquer with its expeditions throughout Africa operating on cataracts, which has also been supported by Fundación Renta.

Going back to the Princesa de Girona awards, this year it has awarded exciting and meaningful projects, as it always does. One of them has been the organization NASCO FEEDING MINDS, created by Ousman Umar. Fundación Renta has also collaborated with NASCO directly, helping them with structural costs and with the new offices that they’ve recently moved to. Ousman Umar is a young man who arrived in Barcelona as a minor from Ghana, after a gruelling 5-year journey across the desert and then across the Mediterranean in a small dinghy. He arrived in Barcelona without knowing how to read or write, and only knew how to say “Barça”. He ended up studying a Master's degree in International Cooperation at ESADE. You can learn more about his story by reading the two books he has published: Viaje al país de los blancos and Desde el país de los blancos.

I would like to heartily congratulate all the brave individuals, like Ousman, who dedicate their lives to improving the living conditions of so many people in need. There are so many. Those of us who meet them on a daily basis can tell you that. My admiration goes out to all of them.

Happy 2022!

Cristina Orpinell Kristjánsdóttir

President of Fundación Renta Corporación