Renta Corporación


Dear friends of Fundación Renta,

As in every year, we begin the month of January with a brief summary of our foundation's work in the last year. In 2022, the Foundation collaborated in 96 projects, with a global contribution of almost €200,000. 

With the projects financed, in general, we have had an impact on almost all of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) included in the 2030 agenda approved by the United Nations so that countries and their societies improve the lives of all, leaving no one behind. However, if we count a single main objective per project, we have directly impacted 8 of the SDGs.

Our main collaborations have been with NASCO FEEDING MINDS, ASHOKA, UNHCR, CEAR and DREAM NEPAL. NASCO promotes the digital training of young people in Ghanaian schools to alleviate immigration at the source. ASHOKA promotes social entrepreneurship around the world. UNHCR and CEAR help refugees fleeing wars (this year many Ukrainians have needed this help), and DREAM NEPAL takes in children who were living with their mothers in Kathmandu prisons. I encourage you to find out more about these organizations!

In addition, this year we have included 23 organizations chosen directly by the Renta Corporación team, allocating €500 for each team member to the causes of their choosing.

In this letter, I would also like to thank the FUNDACIÓ NOU XAMFRÀ for its work in welcoming, training, placing and accompanying young people with different abilities in all its programmes, which have achieved 65% success in job placement. In addition, they made us beautiful cloth bags (commissioned by Renta Corporación) as the summer gift for the girls on the team.

The agreement with the HOSPITAL SANT JOAN DÉU for the construction of a medicalized room in the new SJDD CANCER CENTER Barcelona has come to a close, and the Fundación Renta room is already a reality.

On another note, after reading several reports from Foundations and NGOs, I would like to highlight the aspects that have most caught my attention because I think they are of interest.

Infant mortality has fallen by 50% in the last 20 years. However, COVID and the war in Ukraine have slowed this process down, raising food and energy prices and affecting millions of people.

There have been cuts in development aid because governments are subsidizing energy in their countries, increasing military spending, or caring for refugees. Inflation is increasing and economic development is slowing down, making life difficult for many people around the world.

Extreme weather events are multiplying in many countries, affecting crops and generating migratory movements. However, governments have become aware of the climate emergency and are also investing heavily in healthcare and healthcare diagnostics, especially for various aspects related to COVID.

The pandemic and wars have pushed back the administration of many vaccines. Extreme weather conditions have also affected things. For example, after years of decline, polio cases have increased in the world. Despite this, there is room for hope, in having achieved a new, even more effective vaccine: NOPV2.

And it is still very important to continue studying perinatal mortality; 1.9 million newborns died in 2019 due to various and sometimes preventable causes. The use of ultrasounds through mobile phones and tablets, with the help of artificial intelligence, provide valuable information regarding the health of the mother and the foetus.

Finally, as a foundation dependent on our income from the real estate company Renta Corporación, it is of interest to me to comment about how there are companies like ours who aim to mitigate climate change, and specifically, the reduction of CO2 emissions produced by buildings, since they are responsible for 14% of total emissions.

Both the new building rehabilitation techniques, as well as some new cutting-edge methods in enclosures to prevent heat or cold leaks, in addition to green energy installations, are making it possible to reduce the aforementioned CO2 emissions.

In short, despite the many uncertainties, there are always reasons for hope.

Thanks as always to all the people who work to help those around the world who need it, and make this planet a kinder place for everyone. Special thanks to the entire Renta Corporación team who make this possible with their work.


Cristina Orpinell Kristjánsdóttir

President of Fundación Renta Corporación